by Vidit Khandelwal

Life is a most beautiful thing.
Among the zillions of atoms in the galaxy,
Imagine how many conditions did bring,
This faction of atoms to life in reality.

Among the lunacy and lifelessness,
The fierce belligerence of matter,
Life evolved, from the mess,
On Earth, its known present anchor.

It starts slowly, quiet and calm.
It arises from a single cell.
Starts discovery, without qualm.
To keep living it does rebel.

Slow and steady we do realize,
Life is much difficult than thought.
Countless times it does emphasize,
In the cosmos we are but naught.

We all should be thinking big.
Ice Cream and Handbags can wait.
Humanity should not be a whig,
Instead focus on the nearing fate.

We all are perpetrators,
You and I cannot deny.
But buckle up, we are adventurers,
Strings to Earth we have to untie.

Life is much prized, ergo it knows,
It has to be put to good use.
The cosmos continues as it goes,
We never know when ends the truce.

With intelligence we should ally,
The best of our resources and ability.
Our rare existence we cannot belie,
By dying so abysmally.