by Vidit Khandelwal

Enticed by exquisite sleeves,
and disappointed by compound’s heaves,
I never understood their motivation
of this quality truncation.

After all, compound’s bad for you, as
it shares little with real chocolate.
Among the various ingredients it has,
cocoa butter isn’t even a droplet.

Vegetable fat takes its place,
making it flavourless disgrace.
A thing which even they wouldn’t prefer,
but would recommend to an amateur.

Such is the case in the times today.
Calling it a land of freedom,
is like lying on a resume,
dimming freedom’s hopeful beacon.

They want liberty in every dimension,
yet cannot forego religious obsession.
Wanting their rights reserved,
They cannot behold the others undisturbed.

It’s okay if they want to prevent that marriage,
for “It’s our right!”
But it’s not okay for them to have that marriage,
for “it doesn’t align with Christ.”

If their nemesis’ progeny has business dealings elsewhere,
it is not okay. The system’s in disrepair.
But when their clan has a conflict of interest,
their theory gets inconsistent.

Rising to power on a stunted ideology,
they proclaim to be the messiah of happy days.
But I now question their methodology,
As they fail to tackle this phase.

Casually crucifying the ideals of decency
while masquerading as its archetype facetiously,
they beguiled millions into unequivocal moral sacrilege,
going back to which in the future we’ll surely lack courage.

At a time of omnipresent advancement,
some events suit typewriter fonts more,
such as the similarly omnipresent disenchantment
which, instead of this conclusion, warrants “furthermore.”